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If you're looking for an outsourced BDC solution, you've come to the right place. We hear from auto dealers every day that it is getting harder and harder to find, train, and retain employees. We solve that problem for you!

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Automotive BDC Company

Having trouble hiring automotive BDC representatives?

It's not just you! Car dealerships nationwide are having record-high turnover and attrition in their automotive BDC. We solve this problem for you by being your turnkey off-site BDC. In just a few days, we can be up-and-running in your CRM, working your process, side-by-side with your salespeople and managers.
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Is an outsourced BDC company right for you?

We work with all types of dealers, from large auto groups to smaller independent stores. We specifically solve a labor problem. We staff your BDC for maximum coverage so that you can answer your leads quickly, reliably, and cheaply.

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How does an off-site BDC work?

Our agents communicate with your team in real-time. We answer your phones, make outbound calls, and cover your leads from bell-to-bell.

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  • Our trained agents answer your inbound phone calls and make outbound phone calls on your leads according to your process

  • We are in constant communication with your salespeople, your managers, and anyone else at your dealership. Get real-time updates on our activity and have a direct line of communication with our BDC managers.

  • Our pricing model is simple -- you pay us per agent that we have on your account.

Automotive BDC Pricing

Inbound Calls

Per Month
(unlimited calls)
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  • Unlimited inbound calls
  • Replace your receptionist
  • We will answer all of your calls for a flat fee
  • Know what you're paying every month, with no surprises
  • Real-time communication with our agents and managers

Outbound Only

Per Agent
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  • Pay per agent
  • Add and remove agents at any time, even during the month
  • Know what you're paying every month, with no surprises
  • Real-time communication with our agents and managers

How do we compare to an in-house BDC?

Staffing, training, and maintaining an in-house BDC is becoming more-and-more expensive. Learn what makes our automotive BDC company so special.

In-House BDC

VaVende - Automotive BDC

Pay $6,000+ per agent with complicated pay plans and bonus structures
Pay VaVende $4,500 per agent and write one check every month with no surprises on your bill
Your agents call-in sick all the time and you miss deals and waste your leads because you're understaffed
VaVende never calls in. We have a bench of highly trained agents to staff your account every day of the week, including Sundays.
Maintain an office space for your agents, pay for cubicles, computers, phone systems, toilet paper, food, and more
Turn your BDC office into something more useful. VaVende feels like we're there in the store with you, but we're not.
Continue to deal with messy and time consuming personnel issues
We don't complain. We're here all day, every day!

Automotive BDC Company

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Modular team
Work all of your leads, inbound and outbound
Real-time communication with your team
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