Never Miss a Call Again

Phone calls are the most valuable leads your dealership generates, but many of them go unanswered. You may be surprised to learn that the average missed calls rate can be as high as 22%. These missed opportunities can add up to more than $1,340,000 in lost net profit over the course of a year.

VaVende helps eliminate this issue by giving your dealership our highly-trained Inbound Solutions Team.
Increase appointments overnight
Answer 100% of your inbound calls
Eliminate wasted BDC headcount
Run call-heavy marketing campaigns with ease
Our Mission

To seamlessly align customer experience with business success

VaVende represents the intersection customer experience and business objectives. Our mission is to create a delightful customer experience while ensuring that dealership goals are met with excellence.
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Answer more of your dealership's inbound calls

Our Inbound Solutions Team is trained in addressing sales calls, transfers, service calls, and more.

Answered Calls Rate

Every third call is a deal. If you're missing more than 20% of your calls, we can deliver immediate ROI.

Why outsource your inbound phone calls to VaVende?

One of the most important channels is inbound phone calls. Over 10% of inbound sales calls end up as sold cars. So, if you're receiving 5,000 calls per month and you're missing 1/5 of them, you're losing out on 100 potential car deals (or more). By outsourcing your inbound phone calls to VaVende, you can ensure that you're not missing any deals, regardless of how busy you are, what time of day it is, or who's on the floor.

Many of our dealerships generate leads from an incalculable number of sources like SEO, website, phone ups, Facebook leads, PPC, mailer campaigns, and more. Unfortunately, more leads is not always the answer. Instead, we encourage dealerships to focus entirely on their post-lead process to ensure that they're maximizing the value that can be produced from their existing lead sources and channels.

How does it work?

Outsourcing your inbound phone calls to VaVende is simple and easy to scale up and down depending on your call volume.

  • 1

    Connect your phone system to ours. We can either forward your existing numbers to our agents, replace your numbers with numbers we provision, or use a call tree to route calls to our agents.

  • 2

    Accept your invites to our communication platform so that you, your managers, and your salespeople can stay in-tune with all of the newest sales opportunities we generate.

  • 3

    Work with our managers directly throughout the launch process to nail-down your desired processes, outcomes, and transfer system so that you can get the most from our services


Great value with simple billing.

We have a simple and fair billing model that focuses on saving you money and providing you incredibly value.

Calls Only

Per Month
(unlimited calls)
Schedule a Demo
  • Unlimited inbound calls
  • Replace your receptionist
  • We will answer all of your calls for a flat fee
  • Know what you're paying every month, with no surprises
  • Real-time communication with our agents and managers


Per Agent
Schedule a Demo
  • Pay per agent
  • Add and remove agents at any time, even during the month
  • Outbound calls, texts, and emails
  • Know what you're paying every month, with no surprises
  • Real-time communication with our agents and managers