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In 2021, customers demand more from you than they ever have. Keeping up means staying on the bleeding edge of strategy, wordtracks, and process.

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Powering the nation's most strategic automotive leaders.

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Our Strategy

Gain market share with our rigorous lead response strategies.

By utilizing a combination of vetted best practices, decades of industry experience, and game-changing technology, we deliver unbeatable results.

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Experts in every CRM, including boutique providers
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Personalized services, no cookie-cutter solutions
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Decades of experience training, managing, and growing BDC in dealerships
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Proprietary software allows us to have industry-leading efficiency and quality

See what your dealership looks like with VaVende at your side.

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Proven word-tracks for every situation.

We've spent 25 years curating, modifying, and innovating our word-tracks so that our agents are never speechless.
"The stats speak for themselves. We had an increase of over 20% in phone calls made, an increase of 17.31% appointment set ratio (we set more appointments on less leads). Increase in store sold of over 6% overall."
Carlo C., Lexus of North Miami
An Extension to Your Team

Experience in-house-outsourced BDC.

You need to have airtight communication with our team. That's why you, your managers, and your salespeople can communicate directly with all of our agents in real-time directly from an app on your phone.

Our results can transform your dealership.

Average Set Rate
Average Show Rate
Daily Contacts Per Agent
Average Increase in Sales After Install
Average Increase in Internet Sales After Install
We have a no-bullshit policy. These are real numbers.
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We power some of the most strategic dealerships in the nation.

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